The Opportunity Center

Aerial view of Othello Square from the northeast corner of the full site [Image: Weber Thompson]

Aerial view of Othello Square from the northeast corner of the full site [Image: Weber Thompson]


Redefining equity, opportunity, and prosperity

HomeSight Opportunity Center is dedicated to opening the door to ownership for communities that have been historically and systematically excluded from its benefits. Its innovative balance of income-generating apartments and community-owned spaces produces a sustainable model free of the ongoing need for philanthropic support.


Revenue that's reinvested into the community

HomeSight Opportunity Center’s 200 units of mixed-income housing will produce an income stream of $1.5 million over the next decade. The income generated will be reinvested into below-market retail space, loan programs, educational services, economic development opportunities, and the needs identified by the community.


Empowering local ownership and economic growth

Multiple partners will have an ownership stake in HomeSight Opportunity Center, and the programs and services provided will support immigrants, refugees, and people of color in their entrepreneurial activities and in accessing homeownership. This type of economic growth and shared prosperity through ownership are key to social equity.


Run by community stakeholders

HomeSight, which leads this project, is a trusted member of the Southeast Seattle community. HomeSight will help manage the entire campus, including the 200 mixed-income apartments, and ensure the community’s vision is sustained. The organization has more than 25 years of experience in building community equity and helping residents attain affordable homeownership.

Multicultural Community Coalition (MCC) will be Othello Square’s “front door” and serve as a cultural home and vital service center for over 10,000 immigrants, refugees, people of color, and other community members in Rainier Valley. 

Rainier Valley Community Development Fund will preserve and grow local small businesses through accessible business loans.

STEM Paths Innovation Network will own and operate a youth-oriented tech innovation center with makerspaces.