About Othello Square

Current view of from the northeast corner of the site, S. Othello St. & MLK Jr. Way S., April 2017 [Image: HomeSight]

Current view of from the northeast corner of the site, S. Othello St. & MLK Jr. Way S., April 2017 [Image: HomeSight]


A community vision

Adjacent to the Othello light rail station, Othello Square will co-locate a mix of vital amenities, including affordable retail space, an early learning center, a high school, a business incubator, cooperatively owned and mixed-income housing, a health clinic, and a multicultural center on one 3.2-acre campus. Named Othello Square by community members, this unique development is the result of a collective community vision. HomeSight Opportunity Center will be its centerpiece.


An economic and cultural anchor for Rainier Valley

More than 350 onsite jobs, healthcare, education, social inclusion, and ownership will provide stability and a foundation for wealth creation. Othello Square residents and Rainier Valley community members will have the power to stay in their community or leave by choice.


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Supported by a multitude of partners

Othello Square and HomeSight Opportunity Center are being realized through synergistic partnerships:

  • City of Seattle 
  • Communities of Opportunity 
  • Enterprise Community Partners 
  • King County 
  • Multicultural Community Coalition
    • Chinese Information and Service Center 
    • Eritrean Association of Greater Seattle 
    • Eritrean Community in Seattle and Vicinity 
    • Horn of Africa Services 
    • Oromo Community of Seattle 
    • Somali Community Services of Seattle 
    • Urban Family Center 
    • Vietnamese Friendship Association 
  • NeighborWorks America 
  • Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (Seattle Children’s Hospital) 
  • Rainier Chamber of Commerce 
  • Rainier Valley Community Development Fund 
  • Rainier Valley Leadership Academy High School 
  • Seattle Colleges 
  • Seattle Foundation 
  • State of Washington 
  • STEM Paths Innovation Network (SPIN) 
  • University of Washington

About HomeSight

HomeSight is the lead organization in this initiative and the overall project manager. HomeSight works to make communities strong and equitable through affordable homeownership, business development, and community advocacy.

Visit HomeSightWA.org to learn more