Othello Square

Seattle’s first community-driven equitable development project. A creative response to the pressures of extraordinary growth in Seattle.


A community vision

Adjacent to the Othello light rail station, Othello Square will co-locate a mix of vital amenities in four buildings on one campus. The campus will include affordable retail space, an early learning center, a high school, a business incubator, cooperatively owned and mixed-income housing, a health clinic, and a multicultural center on one 3.2-acre campus. Named Othello Square by community members, this unique development is the result of a collective community vision. The Opportunity Center will be its centerpiece. 


Othello Square will support more than 350 living-wage jobs, preserve small businesses, and nurture entrepreneurship among historically excluded community members.


A vision for the largest undeveloped piece of land in the Rainier Valley

The vacant lot at South Othello St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Way South has long been viewed as an opportunity to create a campus that reflects the community’s values and addresses their stated needs. We are now on our way to building it.


The opportunity center

The Opportunity Center, the centerpiece of the Othello Square campus, is the first equitable development project in the city designed to produce a regular financial return for reinvestment back into the community.

othello square

The four buildings will support onsite jobs, healthcare, education, social inclusion, and ownership to provide stability and a foundation for wealth creation.


About HomeSight

HomeSight is the lead organization in this initiative and the overall project manager. HomeSight works to make communities strong and equitable through affordable homeownership, business development, and community advocacy.

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